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In all different situations be it homework or sports or on a hike with parents and child wants to give up - how do you explain that one will only achieve something if you keep going.

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Andy Sep 14, 2014
My wife and I just had a conversation about this very thing, OK well maybe I was mostly listening but she was reminding me that even though our guys are little people - they are little and I have to remember that they can't do as much as I sometimes want them too. She wasn't saying we can't motivate them to keep trying but finding the reminding me that a walk around the block for our 4 year old may just be too much one day, if he happens to have had a bad night or is growing that day or is just having a bad day. Her point was sometimes I forget there is a lot going on inside those little bodies that make perseverance harder than an adult can imagine. Not really an answer to your question but fresh on my mind.