A lot of music videos like those of Katy Perry are not at all appropriate for a young girl. One thing is to not allow her to watch them, but I would have to give a reason. And also she might watch them at a friends house and I would rather explain what I don't like.

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Andy Sep 14, 2014
Some of these videos should have ratings like movies! I make is a point to talk to my oldest about how women are portrayed in the media (thank you wife). Of course I keep is simple and age appropriate but it is so important that our guys know women are equals.
Elizabeth Sep 07, 2014
Wow. I just watched Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" video for the first time and I am stunned. I was going to suggest if you know your daughter is watching these videos with her friends you sit down together and watch them then ask her what if she has any questions about the images she sees, but after seeing that, I strongly feel some research into how to talking to young girls about sex and the female image in today's media is needed. I will let you know if I find anything helpful.