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In my daughter's class (2nd grade) is a mean girl and some of the kids say they are afraid of her. How do I explain what is the best way to handle? And that it is not about my daughter but no matter who.

2 answers
Amanda Sep 14, 2014
I would tell her that no matter what age it is hard and scary to be around mean kids. Then I would say that there are safety in numbers. If she sees the mean girl picking on someone, be brave walk right up to the person being picked on and ask them if they want to join whatever her in an activity or what her group is doing. If her friends are talking about the mean girl let this be their plan so that the mean girl is out numbered. Will take guts but it always does when it comes to mean kids.
Sandra May 27, 2014
I would tell her that some kids seek attention by doing or saying mean things. Easier said than done but maybe she could tell her to stop being mean and just walk away without showing signs of being hurt. This way this kid notices that it won't get the desired attention.