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The messages are everywhere- make up for young girls and action figures for boys. I know it's on TV but I bet I am unknowingly encouraging. Any thoughts?

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Amanda Sep 14, 2014
I agree. The other day my niece, who loves her pink, princesses and will only wear dresses no matter the weather, was outside in her frozen dress with matching high heels wondering around having a wonderful conversation with someone in her head. She saw her cousin playing baseball with her dad and wondered over to hit a couple herself. That girl hit every ball - in her dress, heels and all! Hopefully if you give them the freedom to try everything and expose them to as much as possible they will find what interest them. Here's hoping right!
Mary Sep 07, 2014
I agree with Sandra. I don't try to sway my kids either way. Letting them know whatever they are interested in is wonderful as long as they are open to learning about everything.
Sandra May 27, 2014
I don't really mind my girls wearing pink or play with dolls. But I do tell them whenever I get a chance that girls rule and that there is hardly anything they can't do if they want to. I never say girls don't do this or boys don't do that but instead want her to identify with girls' strengths and not believe in any attributed weaknesses. We anyways try to avoid any kind of stereotypes but instead point to the beauty of being different.
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