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I took my kids to the toy store the other day and more than ever before my annoyance with the pink girls section and the blue/black section. What happened to the primary colors? How do you let your kids know they dont have to live in the color barriers and on a larger scale gender barriers?  

6 answers
Tatiana Jun 28, 2016
I just don't pay attantion to it. I always buy toys that my daughter and I like no matter what colour they are. my daughter play with dolls as well as with cars. And we always buy clothes we like and that matches my daughter. To tell the truth I don't like pink so try to find thing of other colours.
Silver Mar 03, 2015
I feel like its more of a trendy thing. Kids will grow out of it if they see other kids with these colors
Neelam Apr 25, 2014
Pete Apr 09, 2014
It's hard as a Dad because I feel like I relate to the "boy" stuff with my son- I would naturally pick out those colors for him. But I am more aware of it now when I look at buying clothes or games. I know it doesn't sound huge but opting for yellow/green/orange instead of blue is a step for me.
Lucy Apr 09, 2014
This has been on my mind too! I think from an early age offering all colors and patterns to both boys and girls, toys of all kinds and books of all kinds. Maybe if it's introduced in these ways when they are young, it opens up the conversation for later.
Susan Apr 08, 2014
This is a great topic to discuss. Just read a good article about "Why are toys so gendered?" Ultimately it seems it is the parents' job to prevent their kids from thinking in stereotypes as neither media nor toy industry provides much help.