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Tatiana Jun 27, 2016
I usually make funny pictures of vegetables. Usually cut some vegetables and put on the table so that she can eat them whenever she wants.
Elizabeth Sep 07, 2014
I am old school with this one. Your body needs vegetables to grow strong. Eat your greens before you leave the table. Period.
Mary Sep 07, 2014
Smoothies have been a life saver for me. If I add yogurt or some fruit, even some honey on occasion my children drink them right up and get all of the nutrition with them!
Brian (Food Editor) Jun 24, 2014
Our 6 year old daughter is an exploratory eater, trying everything put in front of her, from oysters to stinky cheese. Our 5 year old son is more the peanut-butter-and-jelly-always type. So, we emphasize to him that at the table it is polite and fun to always try things even if he decides, after the try, that he doesn't want it. But the best new trick we have found is we set a goal for him to try one new food each day. He loves the challenge and has recently tried Swiss chard (which he claims makes him invisible) and clams and, literally, one new food a day. Another good trick: get your children involved in picking the vegetables out (whether at the farm or grocer or in your homegarden) and they will be that much more likely to eat it at home.
Constanze Mar 24, 2014
Try to give the food some names. Like "little planets" for Quinoa, "green flowers" for broccoli, "mountain" for mashed potatoes etc. My 3 year old loves to eat fun things.