Can your hair keep growing forever and ever?

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If you never, ever cut your hair, would it eventually become long enough that you could step on it or use it like a lasso or have one end of it upstairs even though you were downstairs?? 
As much fun as that might sound, the truth is that even if you didn’t cut your hair for years and years, it would probably never be so long that it could be on one floor of the house even though you were on another. On average, hair grows about half an inch per month (use a ruler to see how much that is), which adds up to about 6 inches per year. “But at that rate,” you might be thinking, “it can be 240 inches long by the time I’m 40 if I never cut it!”  
Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen. Each individual hair on your head naturally goes through a cycle in which it grows, rests, falls out, and then starts growing again with a brand-new hair. Your head has about 100,000 hairs that are each at a different point in this cycle at any given time, which is why you’re never aware of it. 
As part of this special cycle, the longest amount of time a hair usually stays on your head before it reaches the “falling out” point is 6-7 years. So even if you never cut any of your hairs, they would each get really long for 6-7 years of their cycle before falling out and starting over as a short hair. This would prevent the overall length of your hair from ever getting past a certain point.
The good news? – You’ll ever accidentally trip over your own bangs! (That would be some hairy business!)
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