Can ostriches fly?

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What are some things you’ve learned about that help birds to fly? One good example is that most birds are built to weigh very little. Their beaks, for example, weigh less than a jaw. They also have feathers to catch the wind, and wings with a special shape that help to catch the wind!  

The ostrich, however, is not a very lightweight bird. Ostriches are actually the biggest kind of bird in the world and can weigh over 300lbs. (By comparison, a blue jay weighs about three ounces!) – It’s mostly because of their size and weight that ostriches are unable to fly.

Even though they can’t fly, ostriches still have wings, which they mostly use to help them stay steady while running. Did you know that ostriches are really fast runners? They can run at over 40 miles per hour, which is a pretty good speed. – Ask a grown-up to point out how fast that is next time you’re in a car going that same speed! 

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  • Exploration

    It's a bird! - It's a plane! - It's... an ostrich?

    Imagine what it would be like if ostriches could fly. Can you picture looking up and seeing a flock of these huge birds flying over your head?? 

    Draw a picture of what you think a flying ostrich would look like! In your picture, how big are you in comparison to the ostriches in the air?? 
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