Can animals talk?

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Have you ever felt like your pet was trying to tell you something, and wished that he or she could use words and talk? Can animals talk to each other using their barks and meows and chirps?? If you trained a hamster for long enough, would it ever learn to speak??
The truth about animals and talking is that animals are not able to talk in the same way as you can, but they are able to communicate with each other, and sometimes even with us!  
From what we know about animals, most scientists believe that the brains and mouths of animals work differently than ours do and animals aren’t able to develop or learn language in the same way we know it. However, we do know many ways in which animals are able to communicate, such as with sounds, movements, and even smells!
For example, have you ever noticed a dog wag his tail when he was happy or maybe growl when he was angry?? This is the dog’s way of communicating with you or with another dog. It uses the sound like the growl or the sign like a wagging tail to explain something it is thinking or feeling! Lots of other animals have their own signs, signals, and messages, too! Dolphins use very sophisticated whistles and clicks, birds have special chirps and calls, and bees give directions to other bees by doing special dances. COOL!
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