What is the Olympic Torch?

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The Olympic Torch, also known as the Olympic Flame, is a light that is carried to mark the beginning of the worldwide athletic competition known as the Olympic Games. Skinny at the bottom and wider at the top, the torch is easy to grasp with the hands. At the top of the torch is a flame, which is lit in Greece, the site of the first Olympic Games. This gesture connects the ancient games with the modern games and reminds the world of the special history of the Olympics!
The Olympic Torch is a true symbol of the peace, unity and friendship of the Olympic Games. In addition, it is the star of the Olympic Torch Relay, in which thousands of participants (called Torchbearers) carry it through more than 1,000 cities, each carrier passing the torch to the next bearer once his or her path is complete. The final bearer of the torch brings the Olympic Flame to the stadium site of the Opening Ceremonies, where it is used to light a large cauldron.
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    Not only does the Olympic Torch represent peace, unity and friendship, it announces the coming of the Olympic Games, an exciting message for athletes and fans alike! As you can imagine, the torch must be sturdy, yet lightweight enough for all Torchbearers (including some young participants) to carry it! The flame burns until the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games, when it is finally extinguished.

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    The Olympic Torch is a symbol of friendship. Can you think of symbols of friendship that you use in your life? For example, some people wear friendship bracelets to remind them of a special relationship. Others create cards with kind messages for their friends, and the cards become symbols of the kindness shared by these friends. What are some other items that remind you of the close friendships you have in your life?

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