How do people swim?

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On a hot day, there’s nothing like the refreshing feel of cool water. No wonder taking a dip in the pool is a perfect summer activity! But before being surrounded by water, it’s important to learn how to swim. 
Swimmers know how to send their bodies through the water by moving their arms and legs, floating, and breathing in a way that is safe and helpful. Instead of learning all of these things at once, many people learn to swim by practicing a series of drills that teach one thing at a time, such as learning how to kick a certain way or stay balanced in the water. 
Practice exercises called drills help swimmers to learn strokes, or special swimming motions, to get through the water. When it comes to being safe in the water, learning to swim is a way to make sure that things run, well…swimmingly!
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    Swimming strokes often combine both arm and leg motions. For example, the backstroke involves swimming on one’s back by using the arms to make semi-circles while doing the flutter kick (kicking up and down while the legs are side by side). Other well-known swimming strokes include the freestyle/front crawl, breaststroke and butterfly.

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