What are manners?

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Most likely, you’re already at least a little familiar with manners. Manners refers to the kind and polite way of doing things. Using manners means saying to your friend “please pass me the blue crayon” instead of pointing at it and shouting “give me that”! When we use manners, we show people respect and treat them the way we’d like to be treated too.

What are some types of good manners that you’ve learned about? Good examples include saying please and thank you, greeting people politely, waiting your turn, sharing with others, and being a good sport. Picking up after yourself is also good manners, and even smiling can show good manners!

Using good manners is important. Has someone ever shoved you in line, or not said hello when you walked in the door? That probably didn’t feel very nice! Always treat others with the same polite and considerate manners that you’d want them to show to you too!

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