How do eyeglasses work?

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Because everyone is different and unique, some people do not see as well as others. Our eyes work by bending and focusing an image, but sometimes a person’s eyes might have more trouble with bending and focusing images in the right way. When this happens, it is usually caused by the length or shape of their eye, which can cause trouble seeing things far away, close up, or sometimes both. 

To help people see better, eyeglasses pull and bend shapes back into place! Have you ever looked up close at a pair of eyeglasses? You might notice that the lenses themselves are slightly curved, or that when you look through them objects appear rounded and bent. -- For the person that wears those glasses, the lenses are pulling and bending in ways that their eyes cannot!

Eye doctors help people who don’t see well to know which kinds of glasses they need to fix their problem. For example, a nearsighted person (who has trouble seeing things far away) generally needs glasses that bend slightly inwards, while a farsighted person (who has trouble seeing things close up) generally needs glasses that bend slightly outwards! The special shapes of these lenses bend an image back into shape for the person who wears them


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    The way that glasses work might be hard to understand since you don't normally realize all the cool work being done by your eyes to bend and focus objects into shape. To get a better idea, try focusing your vision on an object up close and notice the way you can see the outline of other things in the background. Then, switch your focus to the objects in the background. Notice that you can see them clearly, too! Your eyes can help you adjust your focus so that you can see things both up close and far away! When someone needs glasses, it often means their eyes can only focus on things close up or far away, but not both. The lenses are able to fix this for them! COOL!

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    Eyeglass history!



    Eyeglasses have been around for a very long time. No one knows who first invented them, but there are records of their use dating all the way back to the 1200's!
    Certain kinds of glasses called bifocals, which help people see both close up and far away, were invented by Benjamin Franklin. Do you know what else Mr. Franklin was famous for discovering? The answer is electricity!!
    Have you ever seen or heard of a monocle? Monocles were a type of eyeglasses popular in the 1800's. Instead of two lenses, monocles contained just one! Unlike glasses, they didn't rest on your nose -- people who wore monocles had to keep them attached by a chain to their neck or belt and then lift the monocle to their eye! Weird!!
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