Why do countries each have a flag?

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If you’ve ever traveled to another country, you’ve probably seen that they have a different flag than you have where you live! Flags are used by geographical regions like countries, states, provinces, and cities as well as other groups, like teams, businesses, and clubs. A flag is a symbol, or something that represents these larger groups!   
Flying a flag is often a way to show pride. It’s also sometimes a symbol of ownership that indicates who a certain building or piece of land belongs to. Flags also help to unite people. By having the same flag, everyone who is part of a larger group or region can have a common symbol to bring them closer together!     
Countries and other groups usually design their flag with certain colors, stripes, or shapes to stand for specific meanings or to represent historical events, and sometimes a flag will be changed or adapted to represent new messages or happenings!
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    Flag Day!How many flags of different countries are you able to recognize? Do you know what the different colors and shapes on the flag are meant to represent?

    Using some paper and some crayons, make your very own flag of your country! Or, make up a flag to represent something that is important to you -- maybe a special flag for your soccer team, or a flag to represent your family!

    Think about what colors and shapes best represent the group of people your flag is going to represent. Get some friends to make their own special flags too, and then see if you can find some sticks on the ground outside so that you can carry your flags and have your own special parade!



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