What is the fastest animal?

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The answer to which animal is the fastest depends a little bit on which part of the Earth you’re asking about. Land? Sea? Air? There are some pretty quick creatures in each!

On land, the fastest animal is the cheetah. Cheetahs can run up to 70 miles per hour! To understand how fast this is, think of it as about how fast your car probably goes when it’s on the highway! 

In the water, the fastest animal is the sailfish. This special fish can move almost as fast as a cheetah: It’s been measured at swimming up to 68 miles per hour!

However, both of these neat animals cannot be beat by the speed of a peregrine falcon. That’s right: The fastest animal of all is a bird! Although the peregrine falcon doesn’t clock in at an exceptionally fast speed when flying, it’s speed when diving beats any other animal on Earth: It can reach over 200 miles per hour when in a dive!! Remember how fast the cheetah and the sailfish were? Well, the peregrine falcon is almost three times that quick!

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    Fast as a speeding... human?

    What are some other animals you know about which you think might be really fast? Some of the other really fast land animals include gazelles, lions, antelopes, and wildebeests. 

    Wondering where humans fit in on the list? The average fit, adult human’s top running speed is about 15 miles per hour, and the fastest professional runners can go at about 30 miles per hour. That means an animal like the cheetah can run more than twice as fast as the very fastest humans!!

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