What is a conch?

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Perhaps you’ve seen its shiny cone-shaped shell in shades of pink, orange, tan and white. Or maybe you’ve noticed the spiral formation on the shell, as well as the spikes that help give this creature its unique look. It’s a conch, a sea snail that may grow to as large as one foot long! 
Adult conchs eat algae and plant matter found in their habitat, which includes the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and extends to the waters between Bermuda and Brazil. Many people think of conchs as mere shells, but we can’t forget about the creature inside! 
A conch is a mollusk, or a soft-bodied animal. It’s a good thing conchs have shells for protection! After all, they are hunted by other creatures, including sea turtles, sharks and humans. Most of these mollusks live for 20-30 years, although some conchs can live for up to 40! 
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    Can you think of other creatures that have protective shells? What about clams and oysters? Sea turtles? Now move on to land animals. Certainly some turtles would qualify! Any other creatures? How about the armadillo! Make a list or a picture catalog of the animals you mention!

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