Why do some people see better than others?

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Your eyes are a complicated and delicate part of the body. The different parts of your eyes work together to collect, bend, and focus light in a certain way, which sends a picture to your brain and allows you to see!
Some people are born with eyes that aren’t able to bend and focus light in all of the right ways. Usually, the reason this happens is simply because all people are unique and different, having different kind of mouths, noses, hands, feet, hair, and eyes!
One of the most common reasons that a person’s eye or eyes aren’t good at bending and focusing light is that the eye is a little too long or too short – not so much that you’d be able to tell by looking at a person, but enough that their eye (and an eye doctor) could know the difference! Having this type of problem causes either “nearsightedness” (when the eye is too long and you have trouble seeing things far away) or “farsightedness” (when the eye is too short and you have trouble seeing things close up). Another common problem is known as “astigmatism,” and this happens when the part of the eye known as the “cornea” is not shaped like a perfect circle.  
Luckily, we have glasses and contact lenses that work to bend light in the ways that certain people’s eyes cannot. Doctors know how to determine which way the light needs to bend in order to help improve the way someone sees!
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    “Eye” see!Magnifying glasses work the same way as eyeglasses -- they bend an image so that it appears bigger (or smaller) than it actually is!

    Have you ever played with a magnifying glass? See if you can get one, and then look at the way it bends images. Hold it up close to something -- do you see the way the object looks bigger, but the edges are bent?

    Now look through it at something that is far away. What do you notice?? Do you feel like a detective?!



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