Why do people get gas?

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Gas: It’s stinky and it makes a funny noise. Between the foods we eat and the way our bodies work, everybody has gas sometimes. (Really, everybody!) 
Most people pass gas about 10-20 times every day. Generally, the gas we pass comes from one of two places. A small amount comes from air we swallow while eating which makes its way down through our system, while the majority of it comes from our food as it gets naturally broken down and digested by bacteria in our bodies
The reason gas is stinky is because some of the bacteria in your digestive system release sulfur as they work, and sulfur has a smell that’s often compared to rotten eggs – yuck! Because it can be smelly and sometimes makes funny sounds, gas can be embarrassing and a little unpleasant to the people around you. The best thing to do if you have gas is to excuse yourself to the bathroom, or to say “excuse me” if you don’t make it there in time!
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