What is a computer?

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You are probably already familiar with what a computer looks like – in fact, if you are reading this, then you are quite possibly sitting in front of one! But aside from what you can see, what exactly is a computer??

By definition, a computer is a machine that can process and store information, like pictures, words, video, numbers, and sounds. Computers complete tasks based on the instructions they are given; for example, if you push a certain key the computer might type the letter “A,” and if you push a different key, it might play a selected song.

Computers are used in all sorts of ways. Computers help professionals to forecast the weather and edit movies. Some factories have computers that help them build their products. Some planes and cars have computers built into them too. At home and in offices, computers let people send emails, write letters, create graphs, store their photos, access the Internet, and play games. – Pretty amazing!

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