What is Hanukkah gelt?

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You might be familiar with seeing or receiving little chocolate coins covered with gold foil during Hanukkah. These special chocolate coins are called “gelt” (which means “money” in Yiddish) and are often used as a modern-day version of an old tradition to give out coins as gifts during Hanukkah!

The tradition of giving coins on Hanukkah has a few different roots. One reason is to symbolize and celebrate freedom. Hanukkah celebrates the Jews’ victory over the Syrians, who had tried to outlaw the Jewish religion. After defeating the Syrians, the Jews were once again able to print their own coins and money, which was a sign that they were truly free!

Some historians also say the practice of giving gelt on Hanukkah goes back to an 18th-century tradition in which Jewish children would give a gift of coins to their religious teachers during Hanukkah, as a way to show thanks. Eventually this tradition evolved into giving coins to children!

Gelt is also exchanged on Hanukkah as a reminder of giving back to those who are in needpeople who receive Hanukkah gelt are encouraged to give some away to charity!

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