What did explorers do?

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Because there were no airplanes or spaceships for looking down at Earth from above, there was a time when people did not have maps of the world which showed all of the land on our planet. To get from one place to another, a person either had to go by foot or by sea! Many people didn’t know about the cultures, people, and land beyond their own regions, so explorers set out on journeys of discovery!
When people talk about explorers, they’re usually referring to the European explorers of the 15th and 16th centuries who set out on historical sea voyages. (Sometimes called “The Age of Exploration”). These explorers were often looking for different things, such as exotic spices, gold or jewels, rumored lands, or new and shorter routes to their destinations.
During a voyage, the explorers and their crew had to be brave because their explorations were filled with challenges and excitement! When out at sea for a long time, food and fresh water could be difficult to come by, and sometimes crew members would become sick. The explorers also had the difficulty of not knowing exactly where they were going, or how they could most easily get there! But, it’s because of many of the discoveries made on these journeys that history as we know it came to pass!!
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