What is meditation?

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Meditation is a type of exercise for your mind! Some people lift weights to make their arms stronger. Some people run to keep their hearts healthy. People meditate for many reasons, but in order to do it, they exercise their minds.

Meditation usually involves being calm and still. Often people close their eyes. While meditating, person doesn’t focus on what is going on around them or what their body is feeling. It’s all about the mind. 

Many people meditate to get rid of stress that is in their lives. They simply sit still, close their eyes, and focus on nothing but their breathing. They may think about taking a deep breath and then on releasing the breath, but they don’t focus on whatever is causing them to have stress. They don’t worry about jobs or school or friends or enemies, they just think about breathing. Mediation helps them relax. 

There are many ways and reasons to meditate. Some people may meditate, thinking about a problem in their lives and keep meditating until they find a solution. Many religions use mediation. There, it may take the form of a prayer. 

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    Meditation Exploration: Finding Focus

    Meditation can be difficult because there are usually lots of distractions going on around you. Try meditating. Sit still, with your eyes closed. Focus on your breathing. Is it easy to do? What stray thoughts come in to your mind? Do you think about problems your having? Do you think about a car that drives by outside your home? Do you think about homework you should be doing or something that you did that might get you in trouble?

    Mediation may take practice, but many people find it to be very relaxing.

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